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  1. June – July

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    We will begin a series informed by the work of the scholar John Dominic Crosson called “The Power of Parables: How fiction by Jesus became fiction about Jesus.” 

    June 6:  Understanding the context in which parables were told – – “The elephant in the room”.

    June 13:  The book of Job – – “…but, that wasn’t the question!”

    June 20: We’ll take a break from our series for a Community Connections event.

    June 27: More parables, more elephants – – “It’s a paradigm shift, dummy!”

    July 4: Series wrap up and discussion. 

    Stories That Connect Us will be our gathering theme for the summer. 

    July 11: Home is Where Your Story Begins will be led by Linda Shantz-Keresztes.

    July 18: Stampede Breakfast. All are welcome!

    July 25: Stories of Biblical Importance will be led by Jody Neumann Koop and Linda Shantz-Keresztes.

  2. April – May

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    April 4: Lauren Harms will be leading our Easter gathering with an expressive arts community activity!

    The Peace and Social Justice Committee will be sponsoring a three-Sunday series to provide an understanding of Israel/Palestine issues. Our presenter will be Kathy Bergen, the Coordinator for Mennonite Church Eastern Canada PIN (Palestine Israel Network). Kathy has an extensive history of living and working with Palestinians.

    April 11: An overview of the history and the current situation in Israel/Palestine

    April 18: The arrest and detention of Palestinian women and Palestinian children.

    April 25: Our responsibility as Anabaptist Mennonite Christians.

    This series will focus on aging and end of life care. This will include topics like aging and spirituality, palliative care and the possible choices we and loved ones may face at the end of life. .

    May 2: Heather Shantz will share information about Palliative Care options here in Alberta. 

    May 9: We’ll take a break from our series to celebrate Mother’s Day together! 

    May 16: Rennie & Jenny Regher will share their experience of their father choosing Medical Assistance in Dying in the final part of his life. 

    May 30: Diana Mansell and Werner Becker will share their thoughts on aging and spirituality.

  3. February – March

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    February 7: Gerald Gerbrandt will be joining us again to give some of his thoughts on Denominations.

    February 14: Lauren Harms will lead a feedback and discussion Sunday reflecting on Anabaptist & reformation history. What have we learned? How does this help understand who we are as individuals and as community?

    Our Lent theme: Exploring the Intersections of Faith & Life will take us through thoughtfully prepared topics from various perspectives. 

    February 21: Niki Fehr and Bert Enns on art, faith & living. 

    February 28: Brenda Dyck on a spiritual practice.

    March 7: Sister Madeleine Gregg from the Faithful Companions of Jesus Centre will be sharing about Spiritual Direction.

    March 14: Mark Donovan on Buddhism and living your faith. 

    March 21: Orlando Vasquez from Mennonite Central Committee Alberta will be speaking about the refugee challenge.

    March 28: Walter Hossli on the impact of climate change.

  4. January 2021

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    January 3: We will share with one another the Gifts of Connection we experienced over the Christmas Season. Capture your moments in photos and send them to Lauren Harms so we can share with one another.

    January 10: Gerald Gerbrandt, President Emeritus & Professor Emeritus of Bible from Canadian Mennonite University will be sharing “Who are ‘We’? – Mennonites and Anabaptists within a Global Church”

    January 17: Diana Mansell will be sharing about Lutheranism. 

    January 24: Marie Fraser, Karen Orr & Brenda Dyck will be sharing about their experiences of various denominations. 

    January 31: Our annual Celebration of Community! A gathering where we affirm our commitment to one another. 

  5. November – December

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    November 1: Yellow Bellies the Audio Drama is a story produced by Theatre of the Beat about conscientious objectors during World War II. Our discussions will be led by the Peace & Social Justice Committee

    November 8: Yellow Bellies part 2. 

    November 15: Yellow Bellies part 3. 

    November 22: We will take time to remember those that have died on Eternity Sunday. This service will be led by Lauren Harms.

    In our advent series we will be exploring the theme of Gifts and seeing where we find gratitude in difficult times. 

    November 29: We will hear stories and reflections about Gifts of Upheaval. 

    December 6: We will hear stories and reflections about Gifts of Presence. 

    December 13: We will hear stories and reflections about Gifts of Awareness.

    December 20: We will hear stories and reflections about Gifts of Restoration.

    December 24: Christmas Eve Gathering at 6:30pm. 

    December 27: No service.

  6. September – October

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    During these unprecedented times CIM continues to meet online for our gatherings, unless otherwise posted. Contact if you would like to connect with our community!

    September 6: CIM is invited to join the online Citywide Pride Service at 10am. There will be interfaith reflections, music, candle lighting and more! Guest speaker Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer is the first openly transgender pastor ordained in the Lutheran church. 

    September 13: Peace & Social Justice Committee will be presenting & leading discussion on racism.

    September 20: Peace & Social Justice Committee will be leading a follow-up presentation on white privilege.

    We begin a new series this fall exploring different facets of Mennonite History, wondering the impact and relevance on our story today. 

    September 27: Lauren Harms will be introducing our series with the question “Why bother being Mennonite?”

    October 4: Ted Regher will be our guest speaker from the Mennonite Historical Society. 

    October 11: Linda Shantz-Keresztes & Steve Zimmerly will share about the Swiss Mennonites. 

    October 18: Dale Taylor will bring us the story of Mennonite Central Committee. 

    October 25: John Neudorf will share stories from the Mexican Mennonites.

  7. July – August

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    This summer we will be enjoying a travelogue series, where members of our community share stories and pictures from their adventures. 

    July 5: Ruth & Werner Becker will be sharing stories and pictures from their travels. 

    July 12: Jason Ho will be sharing stories and photos from his travels in South East Asia. 

    July 19: Heidi & Willi Friesen will be sharing about their travels in Italy. 

    July 26: Ev & Bill Neumann will be sharing about their adventures walking the Camino de Santiago.

    August 2: No service today!

    August 9: Linda & Lou Shantz-Keresztes will be sharing about their travels. 

    August 16: CIM goes for a hike! Contact for more details.

    August 23: Art & Brenda Dyck will be sharing about their travels. 

    August 30: Ed Enns will be sharing about his recent trip to Brazil.

  8. June

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    June 7: Elaine Gibson will be leading a service about White Supremacy.

    June 14: Perspective on Father’s Day: Guest speaker, Dan McKinnon, The Canadian Centre for Men and Families(CCMF Alberta)

    June 21: Video Extravaganza! We invite you to create a video, or collage of video clips/photos to a maximum of 1 minute in length.  The videos can be of anything you choose – a dance, a jump, a garden in progress, a quick cooking lesson, a family game, a musical serenade.  Be creative, and be brief.

    June 28: Jonas Cornelsen will be sharing about a new perspective on love, inspired by the African-American author Bell Hooks.

  9. April – May

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    April 5: Diana Mansell will be leading our online service on Palm Sunday. 

    April 10: Maundy Thursday gathering from the comfort of our homes. There will be readings and music and please bring your own bread & wine to share in communion together. Please join us at 7pm.

    April 12: We will celebrate Easter Sunday with breakfast and a service to follow. 

    April 19: This Sunday morning will be focused on community sharing.

    April 26: We will continue our Saintly Traditions series with Marge Friesen sharing about the life of Catherine of Siena. 

    May 3: We will continue our Saintly Traditions series. Marie Fraser will be sharing about the life of Joan of Arc. 

    May 10: Dan Boucher and Lauren Harms will be leading our Mother’s Day celebration. 

    May 17: We will conclude our Saintly Traditions series with Lauren Harms sharing about Francis of Assisi and reflecting on the saints in our own lives.

    May 24: Werner Becker will be sharing about Menno Simons in our Perspective series. 

    May 31: Elaine Gibson & Lauren Harms will lead a gathering to explore and discuss the new realities of the current pandemic situation and its effect on our daily lives.

  10. March 15 – Gathering Cancelled

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    Due to recommendations from Alberta Health Services and the changing situation in regards to the spread of COVID-19, our March 15 gathering will be cancelled. We want to do our best to keep our community safe and will continue to provide updates as the situation changes.