Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church


  1. September – October

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    September 1: Pride Parade & potluck to follow at 5pm at CIM Church.

    September 6-8: Camp Valaqua Retreat

    September 15: Welcome back Sunday, led by the Peace & Social Justice Committee!

    September 22: Bold Conversations, led by Lauren Harms. Continuing to talk about breaking the climate silence.

    September 29: Introduction to the series The Wisdom of Religions, led by Tinu Ruparell.

    October 6: Tinu Ruparell will be speaking on the wisdom of Hinduism.

    October 13: Jason Ho will be sharing about the wisdom of Buddhism.

    October 20: Lauren Harms will be reflecting on the wisdom of Christianity.

    October 27: Rabbi Glickman will teach us about the wisdom of Judaism. Service will begin at 12pm.