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January 14: Regular service

January 21: The service will provide an opportunity to review and discuss the ‘Values and Beliefs’ Statement drafted in late 2017, which reflects member input during the Visioning and Future Directions work.  After our discussion, we plan to post a version of this document on our CIM Website to assist with upcoming employment outreach activities.

On January 28, CIM will be having its celebration of community.  On September 12, 1976, the founding members held their first worship service together, after having met for several months.  In 1990, the community, after becoming affiliated with three Mennonite conferences, asked an ad-hoc committee to design an annual celebration that would be the members/adherents/participants way of renewing their commitment to the CIM community and to God, the Holy, the sacred, the divine, as they understood that relationship.  The committee developed some guidelines of how that celebration should be and the elements that it might include.  In preparation and anticipation of this celebration, this year’s planning committee asks that you ponder these three questions:

  1. What gift(s) have I received this past year from CIM?
  2. What gift(s) do I wish to give CIM this year?
  3. What gift (event, contribution, collective volunteering) would I like to see CIM give to its local and/or global community this year?


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