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  1. A Celebratory Morning!

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    Sunday May 29th was the first day we were able to use our new front doors.  In our new space there was so much more light and space, so much more room for people to visit!  I stood at the front, revelling in all of the conversations and enjoying seeing others visiting. It was truly a celebratory morning with an amazing spirit and tone.  These pictures were taken on the Friday before but they capture some of what has changed.  Still, as I’ve said before, you have to see it and experience it in person ūüôā

    May 29 (01) May 29 (02) May 29 (03) May 29 (05) May 29 (06) May 29 (07)May 29 (04)

  2. Flooring, elevator (feauring a cameo of Lou’s foot)

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    Progress continues to be made on our renvation project. The flooring is in, the sidewalk has been prepped and the elevator has been installed and painted – we are just waiting for it to pass examination. Here are some photos (Lou’s foot appears free of charge)

    may 20 (1)May 20 (2)May 20 (3)May 20 (4)May 20 (5)May 20 (6)May 20 (7)

  3. Almost there

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    Thes pictures were taken last night. ¬†I was alone in the building after a busy, and fun, “work day” where so many of my friends gathered together and worked so hard. ¬†Please note that these pics are all natural light and that I had not even turned the light switches on.

    May 05 (1)May 05 (2)May 05 (3)May 05 (4)

  4. Elevator Installation and Painting

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    Here are some pics from today (Apr 22). ¬†There are a couple of the elevator shaft, one of the elevator and a few which are intended to capture both the messy state of the current construction phase and the glory of the room and the natural light we will soon be able to enjoy. ¬†Messiness coexisting with and being the forerunner of¬†light… seems not only biblical but also kind of ryhmes with the Annie Dillard message I’m preparing ūüôā

    Apr 22 (2)Apr 22 (1)  Apr 22 (3)Apr 22 (4)Apr 22 (5)

  5. Let there be light!!

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    The temporary wall is down and you can now really see the difference that all of our new windows make!! Our new sanctuary has lots of natural light and, when finished, will be the bright welcoming place which we have envisioned and for which we have worked so hard. ¬†I spoke with our contractor this morning and he said that the floor will be levelled later this week and the painting begins on Monday. Our elevator is here and should be installed late next week or early the week after. ¬†Much thanks, love and hugs to our Construction Committee (Lou, Heidi and Willi). We know how hard¬†you’ve been working!


    !Apr 12 (03)

    Apr 12 (09)Apr 12 (10)Apr 12 (02)Apr 12 (06)Apr 12 (07)Apr 12 (08)

  6. Doors and Windows

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    The doors, windows and finishing woodwork are going in with the elevator itself expected early next week. ¬†Ever closer,… ever closer.

    April 05 (1)April 05 (2)Apr 05 (03)April 05 (04)

  7. Slowly but surely…

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    As the work moves further into the reconstruction and finishing stages, the developments may seem less dramatic but they are happening and they are exciting. Our new front doors are in the building and will be installed this week and the elevator may also be in place this week. ¬†Here are a few photos of our new maple wood handrails and windows. ¬†Can’t wait to send around new photos later this week!!

    April 03 (1)April 03 (2)April 03 (3)April 03 (4)

  8. Drywall and Windows

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    This past week has been a week of detail work Рprimarily patching and taping the drywaall as well as caulking around the windows.  I had a good chat with one of the contractors today and I am convinced that they are working hard on our behalf and are very gracious and conscientious.  Here are some pics for this week:

    March 18 (01)March 18 (02)March 18 (03)March 18 (04)March 18 (05)March 18 (06)March 18 (07)March 18 (08)

  9. Insulation and drywall in!!

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    Day by day, the renovations come closer to completion and our vision for the CIM building comes closer to reality.  The insulation is in, the drywall is in and some of the windows have arrived.

    Mar 10 (1) Mar 10 (2) Mar 10 (3) Mar 10 (4) Mar 10 (5) Mar 10 (6)

  10. Insulation and Drywall

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    Looking around this morning, it’s nice to see the interior work moving along nicely. ¬†The insluation and drywall phase of the project has begun.


    March 02 (3)March 02 (4)March 02 (2)