Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church

Career Opportunity


Position Description

Part-time Community Care Leader / Pastor 50%

Jan. 2018

Salary range: $70-80k full-time ($ 35 to 40k based on 50%)



Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church is a small community of diverse Mennonites and other individuals who seek to be part of a faith community in contemporary society.  We value the opportunity to share in each others’ life stories; engagement in local and global social justice issues; inclusion and diversity in age, orientation, thoughts and beliefs in the context of our Anabaptist and Mennonite heritage.


Position Profile:

The community care leader/pastor provides leadership by connecting with individual members, groups & committees, by facilitating inter-generational community life and by providing pastoral support.



This position reports to the moderator. Regular written and verbal reports are provided to church council and the congregation.

Overall pastoral accountabilities are prioritized as follows:

  • Facilitate and support community/congregational life and development
  • Pastoral care and support
  • Connect individuals and families through events and celebrations
  • Provide leadership or support to community building groups as needed
  • Sunday worship:  participate in planning, leading Sunday services, speaking approximately 10 Sundays per year.
  • Administration
  • Involvement in ecumenical and inter-Mennonite events as possible
  • Professional development and ongoing learning


Responsibilities and Outcomes (Please see Chart)  Responsibilities and Outcomes


Qualifications, Skills and Approach

  1. Spiritual training/divinity and/or social science studies combined with some experience as a community worker
  2. Connected or seeking to connect to local social support community
  3. Personable, approachable, open listener
  4. Spiritual orientation to faith and community life
  5. Strong community-building and facilitation skills (organizing, connecting, empowering, etc.)
  6. Pastoral care or counselling
  7. Servant leadership skills (see “Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader”)
  8. Strong communication skills
  9. Ability to use technology effectively
  10. Ability to set boundaries and structure time effectively

Please see document: Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader


The position will focus on leading CIM forward in ways that support the longer-term vision for our congregation. See Community Values.

 Priorities for the CIM community identified through the recent visioning process:

  • Facilitate and co-ordinate activities that collectively contribute to an inclusive, connected and caring community.  This will include participation in the diverse ways we gather together, including:  regular Sunday worship and gatherings; social events; celebrations; events that strengthen our care for each other.
  • Support community members in times of celebration and difficulty.  This includes both the provision of professional pastoral care and counselling as well as strengthening opportunities within the community for us to care for each other.
  • Employ diverse community-building strategies and activities in order to inform and engage members in our shared life.

Vision for the Community

  1. Intimate community that is warm and welcoming
  2. Children and youth are present and engaged, all ages are present
  3. Growing, diverse community
  4. Next generation is increasingly engaged in providing leadership


To inquiry or apply, contact the Hiring Committee: